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This type of cooling tower is using principle of counter flow current between air stream and water which is same as induced draft counterflow cooling tower (Bottle Type). The difference is water is distributed by water nozzles installed underneath water distributing pipes. Water distributing pipes are installed above the layer of PVC filler so that hot water is distributed over entire filler cross section area. The cooling air is sucked from bottom of the cooling tower using axial fan installed on top of cooling tower. Air stream moves upward against coming down water. This makes heat transfer between hot water and air. Cooled water will fall into concrete made water basin before being sucked back to reuse again. Either hot dip galvanized steel or FRP extruded profile is used for construction of the tower structure. FRP extruded profile is for more corrosive resistance application. Tower body and fan stack are made of fiber glass reinforced plastic (FRP) as well. This type of cooling tower is suitable for cooling water system which requires higher cooling capacity and higher water flow than our standard cooling tower models. Therefore manufacturing and designing will be as per customer's requirement.

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