• New Innovative Design
  • Low Drift Loss
  • Low Noise Fan
  • High Cooling Efficiency
  • Internal Pipe & Aesthetic Look

Octagon Cooling Tower (OTG)

                Octagon Cooling Tower is Induced Draft Crossflow Cooling tower. Cool air is sucked from all four sides of cooling tower by fan installed on the top meanwhile hot water is delivered through internal pipe inside cooling tower up to top hot water basins which are connected. Hot water then is distributed onto below filler in order to increase heat transfer area. Air and water are moving against each other in cross-sign direction causing heat transfer between cool air and hot water. Cool water flows down to cool water basin at bottom before being sucked to next cooling cycle. Hot water is released to outside atmosphere. New design of top hot water basins by connecting them together makes hot water distributed evenly. This is to eliminate imbalance hot water flow into two side basins of original design of crossflow cooling tower. Heat transfer is equalized all the sides. Octagon Cooling Tower is also designed to reduce drift loss and to save make up water. Drift eliminator is formed in the same sheet of filler on the internal side

            Fan and blade are low noise design using low speed direct drive motor, instead of using gear reducer or pulley in order to minimize maintenance works. Fan and case are installed inside cooling tower to reduce noise release to outside

                Octagon Cooling Tower is easy in operating and maintenance. Checking cool water basin level, replacing floating valve, cleaning wire mesh strainer etc  all can be performed through service door without entering inside cooling tower. Hot water pipe is internal type. No need to install additional pipes and valves externally. This is cost saving and making aesthetic look.   



Octagon Crossflow Cooling Tower OTG